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NMR Facility ALL Publications

NMR Facility


The Mechanism of Bucking in the High-Strength Bi-2223 Conductor Due to Release of Bending Strain.

Nawa M, Kajita K, Piao R, Nakagome H, Takao T, Maeda H, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 27(4), 8400404 (2017).

Rationally designed mineralization for selective recovery of the rare earth elements.

Hatanaka T, Matsugami A, Nonaka T, Takagi H, Hayashi F, Tani T, Ishida N.
Nat Commun, 8, 15670 (2017).

Brevisulcatic Acids from a Marine Microalgal Species Implicated in a Toxic Event in New Zealand.

Irie R, Suzuki R, Tachibana K, Holland PT, Harwood DT, Shi F, McNabb P, Beuzenberg V, Hayashi F, Zhang H, Satake M.
Heterocycles, 92(1), 45–54 (2016).

24 T High Resolution and Sensitivity Solid-State NMR Measurements of Low-Gamma Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei 35Cl and 37Cl.

Pandey MK, Hashi K, Ohki S, Nishijima G, Matsumoto S, Noguchi T, Deguchi K, Goto A, Shimizu T, Maeda H, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y, Yamazaki T, Iguchi S, Tanaka R, Nemoto T, Miyamoto T, Suematsu H, Saito K, Miki T, Nishiyama Y.
Anal Sci, 32(12), 1339–1345 (2016).

Effect of Glu12-His89 Interaction on Dynamic Structures in HIV-1 p17 Matrix Protein Elucidated by NMR.

Konagaya Y, Miyakawa R, Sato M, Matsugami A, Watanabe S, Hayashi F, Kigawa T, Nishimura C.
PLoS One, 11(12), e0167176 (2016).

Self-Assembled Peptide-Based System for Mitochondrial-Targeted Gene Delivery: Functional and Structural Insights.

Chuah JA, Matsugami A, Hayashi F, Numata K.
Biomacromolecules, 17(11), 3547–3557 (2016).

超1 GHz NMRシステムの開発 ―シミングによる高均一磁場の発生―

柳澤 吉紀, 井口 聖威也.
低温工学, 51(7), 342-348 (2016).

Discovery of Key Dioxygenases that Diverged the Paraherquonin and Acetoxydehydroaustin Pathways in Penicillium brasilianum.

Matsuda Y, Iwabuchi T, Fujimoto T, Awakawa T, Nakashima Y, Mori T, Zhang H, Hayashi F, Abe I.
J Am Chem Soc, 138(38), 12671–12677 (2016).

Mechanism of notable difference in the field delay times of no-insulation layer-wound and pancake-wound REBCO coils.

Suetomi Y, Yanagisawa K, Nakagome H, Hamada M, Maeda H, Yanagisawa Y.
Supercond Sci Technol, 29, 105002 (2016).

Genome-Based Discovery of an Unprecedented Cyclization Mode in Fungal Sesterterpenoids Biosynthesis.

Okada M, Matsuda Y, Mitsuhashi T, Hoshino S, Mori T, Nakagawa K, Quan Z, Qin B, Zhang H, Hayashi F, Kawaide H, Abe I.
J Am Chem Soc, 138(31), 10011–10018 (2016).

Structural Analysis of the End-groups and Substructures of Commercial Poly(ethylene terephthalate) by Multiple-WET 1H/13C NMR.

Tanaka K, Oouchi M, Hayashi F, Maeda H, Waki H.
Macromolecules, 49(15), 5750–5754 (2016).

Development of Super-High-Field NMR Operated Beyond 1 GHz Using High-Temperature Superconducting Coils.

Maeda H, Yamazaki T, Nishiyama Y, Hamada M, Hashi K, Shimizu T, Suematsu H, Yanagisawa Y.
eMagRes, 5(2), 1109–1120 (2016).

Degradation of a REBCO Coil Due to Cleavage and Peeling Originating from an Electromagnetic Force.

Kajita K, Iguchi S, Xu Y, Nawa M, Hamada M, Takao T, Nakagome H, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Suematsu H, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 26(4), 431106 (2016).

A Long Charging Delay for a No-Insulation REBCO Layer-Wound Coil and its Influence on Operation with Outer LTS coils.

Yanagisawa K, Iguchi S, Xu Y, Li J, Saito AT, Nakagome H, Takao T, Matsumoto S, Hamada M, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 26(4), 4602304 (2016).

Astellifadiene: Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy and Crystalline Sponge Method, and Elucidation of its Biosynthesis.

Matsuda Y, Mitsuhashi T, Lee S, Hoshino M, Mori T, Okada M, Zhang H, Hayashi F, Fujita M, Abe I.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 55(19), 5785–5788 (2016).


長島 敏雄, 植田 啓介, 西村 千秋, 山崎 俊夫.
分光研究, 65(5), 258-260 (2016).

Development of a REBa2Cu3O7-δ multi-core superconductor with “inner split” technology

Jin X, Oguro H, Oshima Y, Matsuda T, Maeda H
Superconductor Science and Technology, 29(4), (2016).

Niizalactams A-C, Multicyclic Macrolactams Isolated from Combined Culture of Streptomyces with Mycolic Acid-Containing Bacterium.

Hoshino S, Okada M, Wakimoto T, Zhang H, Hayashi F, Onaka H, Abe I
J Nat Prod, 78(12), 3011-3017 (2015).

1020 MHz Single-Channel Proton Fast Magic Angle Spinning Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.

Pandey MK, Zhang R, Hashi K, Ohki S, Nishijima G, Matsumoto S, Noguchi T, Deguchi K, Goto A, Shimizu T, Maeda H, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y, Yamazaki T, Iguchi S, Tanaka R, Nemoto T, Miyamoto T, Suematsu H, Saito K, Miki T, Ramamoorthy A, Nishiyama Y.
J Magn Reson, 261, 1–5 (2015).

Effect of epoxy impregnation on strain distribution of materials in Bi2223 superconducting coils by using synchrotron X-ray diffraction.

Jin X, Osamura K, Machiya S, Kajiwara K, Shobu T, Maeda H.
J Alloys Compd, 650, 444–449 (2015).

Structure-Correlation NMR spectroscopy for Macromolecules using Repeated Bidirectional Photoisomerization of Azobenzene.

Nagashima T, Ueda K, Nishimura C, Yamazaki T.
Anal Chem, 87(22), 11544–11552 (2015).

Combination of high hoop stress tolerance and a small screening current-induced field for an advanced Bi-2223 conductor coil at 4.2 K in an external field.

Yanagisawa Y, Xu Y, Iguchi S, Hamada M, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Nakagome H, Takao T, Suematsu H, Oshima Y, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Supercond Sci Technol, 28, 125005 (2015).

Dietziamides, novel tetramic acid dimers from Dietzia timorensis MZ-3 with antioxidative activity.

Hoshino S, Wakimoto T, Zhang H, Hayashi F, Okada M, Abe I.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 25(18), 3953–3955 (2015).

Facing and Overcoming Sensitivity Challenges in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy.

Ardenkjær-Larsen JH, Boebinger GS, Comment A, Duckett S, Edison AS, Engelke F, Griesinger C, Griffin RG, Hilty C, Maeda H, Parigi G, Prisner T, Ravera E, van Bentum J, Vega S, Webb A, Luchinat C, Schwalbe H, Frydman L.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 54(32), 9162–9185 (2015).

Achievement of 1020 MHz NMR

Hashi K*, Ohki S, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Goto A, Deguchi K, Yamada K Noguchi T, Sakai S, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y, Iguchi S, Yamazaki T, Maeda H, Tanaka R, Nemoto T, Suematsu H, Miki T, Saito K, Shimizu T.
J Magn Reson, 256, 30-33 (2015).

Development of a hexahistidine-3× FLAG-tandem affinity purification method for endogenous protein complexes in Pichia pastoris.

Higo T, Suka N, Ehara H, Wakamori M, Sato S, Maeda H, Sekine S, Umehara T, Yokoyama S.
J Struct Funct Genomics, 15(4), 191–199 (2014).

Operation of a 400 MHz NMR magnet using a (RE:Rare Earth)Ba2Cu3O7-x high-temperature superconducting coil: Towards an ultra-compact super-high field NMR spectrometer operated beyond 1 GHz.

Yanagisawa Y, Piao R, Iguchi S, Nakagome H, Takao T, Kominato K, Hamada M, Matsumoto S, Suematsu H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Yamazaki T, Maeda H.
J Magn Reson, 249, 38–48 (2014).

Electromagnetic Evaluation of HTS RF Coils for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Yamada T, Saito A, Oikawa S, Koshita K, Takahashi M, Maeda H, Ohshima S.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 25(3), 1500504 (2014).

Field-swept 33S NMR study of elemental sulfur.

Yamada K, Kitagawa K, Takahashi M.
Chem Phys Lett, 618, 20–23 (2014).

Degradation analysis of REBCO coils.

Ma D, Matsumoto S, Teranishi R, Ohmura T, Kiyoshi T, Otsuka A, Hamada M, Maeda H, Yanagisawa Y, Nakagome H, Suematsu H.
Supercond Sci Technol, 27, 85014 (2014).

Measurement and Simulation of Magnetic Field Generated by Screening Currents in HTS Coil.

Ueda H, Fukuda M, Hatanaka K, Michitsuji K, Karino H, Wang T, Wang X, Ishiyama A, Noguchi S, Yanagisawa Y, Maeda H.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 24(3), 4701505 (2014).

Suppression of Catastrophic Thermal Runaway for a REBCO Innermost Coil of an LTS/REBCO NMR Magnet Operated at 400–600 MHz (9.4–14.1 T).

Yanagisawa Y, Takizawa A, Hamada M, Nakagome H, Matsumoto S, Kiyoshi T, Suematsu H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 24(3), 4301005 (2014).

Study on the Mechanism of Preventing Degradation in the Performance of REBCO Coils.

Jin X, Matsuda T, Yanagisawa Y, Sato K, Piao R, Nakagome H, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 24(3), 4600104 (2014).

Recent Developments in High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet Technology (Review).

Maeda H, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 24(3), 4602412 (2014).

Recent R&D on Superconducting Wires for High-Field Magnet.

Jin X, Nakamoto T, Tsuchiya K, Yamamoto A, Ogitsu T, Sugano M, Harjo S, Abe J, Gong W, Iwahashi T, Kikuchi A, Takeuchi T, Yanagisawa Y, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Materials Science Forum, 783–786, 2081–2090 (2014).

Basic mechanism of self-healing from thermal runaway for uninsulated REBCO pancake coils.

Yanagisawa Y, Sato K, Yanagisawa K, Nakagome H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Physica C Supercond, 499, 40–44 (2014).


柳澤 吉紀.
工業材料, 62(1), 22-23 (2014).

An ultra-thin polyimide insulation coating on REBCO conductors by electrodeposition produces a maximum overall current density for REBCO coils.

Yanagisawa Y, Sato K, Matsuda T, Nagato T, Kamibayashi H, Nakagome H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Physica C Supercond, 495, 15–18 (2013).

Use of a Thermal Grid to Increase Thermal Runaway Current for REBCO Pancake Coils Operated at 77 K.

Yanagisawa Y, Fukuda T, Sato K, Nakagome H, Takao T, Kamibayashi H, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 23(3), 4603505 (2013).

Operation of Wax-Impregnated GdBCO Layer-Wound Coil Using Cryocoolers.

Matsumoto S, Kiyoshi T, Miyazoe A, Otsuka A, Hamada M, Maeda H, Yanagisawa Y, Nakagome H, Suematsu H.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 23(3), 4602704 (2013).


柳澤 吉紀, 前田 秀明.
低温工学, 48(4), 151-156 (2013).


柳澤 吉紀, 前田 秀明.
低温工学, 48(4), 157-164 (2013).


柳澤 吉紀, 前田 秀明.
低温工学, 48(4), 165-171 (2013).

Inhibition of a NEDD8 Cascade Restores Restriction of HIV by APOBEC3G.

Stanley DJ, Bartholomeeusen K, Crosby DC, Kim DY Kwon E, Yen L, Cartozo NC, Li M, Jäger S, Mason-Herr J, Hayashi F, Yokoyama S, Krogan NJ, Harris RS, Peterlin BM, Gross JD.
PLoS Pathog, 8(12), e1003085 (2012).

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