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Imaging Platform and Innovation Group

In order to gain an integrated understanding of biological phenomena at various levels, we are developing a dynamic imaging technology to elucidate cross-hierarchical relationships of the vital functions by cells, tissues, organs, up to organisms. Our group has built a framework  for seamless research and development from basics research to clinical application. We achieve this through our original techniques ranging from using organic chemistry to design and synthesize novel molecular probes, evaluatingnovel imaging method using animal disease models or nonhuman primates, translating the evaluation to “First-in-human” clinical the final aim being clinical application. We also aim to integrate the molecular imaging and the functional imaging. This includes determining Mibyo (pre-disease) biomarker for ultra-early diagnosis and realizing the goals of pre-emptive medicine and health science, designing a monitoring method to image transplanted iPS derived cells intended for regenerative medicine,and inventing new imaging technologies such as multiple molecular imaging in living organisms. We believe these emerging techniques will be the platform technology for drug discovery innovation and medical innovation. 

Group Director
Yasuyoshi Watanabe  M.D., Ph.D

CLST was reorganized into three centers according to the RIKEN 4th Medium-Term Plan from April 1, 2018. For the latest information of Imaging Platform and Innovation Group, please visit the following websites.

> The webpage of Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research [http://www.bdr.riken.jp/en/research/index.html]