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Super-High Magnetic Field NMR Utilization Unit

* Due to the reorganization starting as new centers in April 2018, the activity of this laboratory will be continued in the following organization below.
> The webpage of RIKEN Baton Zone Program (RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center)
> The webpage of RIKEN SPring-8 Center (Dr. Yanagisawa belong to as team leader)

Unit Leader
Yoshinori Yanagisawa  Ph.D.

C116, Central building, 1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045


Research Area

The goal of the unit is to develop a 1.2-1.3 GHz (28-31 Tesla) class super-high magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system to make breakthroughs in the fields of life science and material science. "High-temperature superconductor (HTS)" technology is the keyword for achieving such a high magnetic field. We make basic experiments and numerical simulations on HTS coils and develop HTS NMR systems with technologies for highly accurate magnetic field, super-high magnetic field generation and coil protection.

Main Publications List


Degradation of a REBCO Coil Due to Cleavage and Peeling Originating from an Electromagnetic Force.

Kajita K, Iguchi S, Xu Y, Nawa M, Hamada M, Takao T, Nakagome H, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Suematsu H, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 26(4), 431106 (2016).

A Long Charging Delay for a No-Insulation REBCO Layer-Wound Coil and its Influence on Operation with Outer LTS coils.

Yanagisawa K, Iguchi S, Xu Y, Li J, Saito AT, Nakagome H, Takao T, Matsumoto S, Hamada M, Yanagisawa Y.
IEEE Trans Appl Supercond, 26(4), 4602304 (2016).

Advanced field shimming technology to reduce the influence of a screening current in a REBCO coil for a high-resolution NMR magnet

S. Iguchi, R. Piao, M. Hamada, S. Matsumoto, H. Suematsu, T. Takao, A. T. Saito, J. Li, H. Nakagome, X. Jin, M. Takahashi, H. Maeda, and Y. Yanagisawa*
Superconductor Science and Technology , 29(4), 45013 (2016).

High resolution NMR measurements using a 400 MHz NMR with an (RE)Ba2Cu3O7-x high-temperature superconducting inner coil: towards a compact super-high-field NMR

R. Piao, S. Iguchi, M. Hamada, S. Matsumoto, H. Suematsu, A. T. Saito, J. Li, H. Nakagome, T. Takao, M. Takahashi, H. Maeda, and Y. Yanagisawa*
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 263, 164-171 (2016).

Shimming for the 1020 MHz LTS/Bi-2223 NMR Magnet

S. Iguchi, Y Yanagisawa*, M. Takahashi, T. Takao, K. Hashi, S. Ohki, G. Nishijima, S. Matsumoto, T. Noguchi, R. Tanaka, H. Suematsu, K. Saito, and T. Shimizu
IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity, In press, (2016).

Combination of high hoop stress tolerance and a small screening current-induced field for an advanced Bi-2223 conductor coil at 4.2 K in an external field.

Yanagisawa Y, Xu Y, Iguchi S, Hamada M, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Nakagome H, Takao T, Suematsu H, Oshima Y, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Supercond Sci Technol, 28, 125005 (2015).

Achievement of 1020 MHz NMR

Hashi K*, Ohki S, Matsumoto S, Nishijima G, Goto A, Deguchi K, Yamada K Noguchi T, Sakai S, Takahashi M, Yanagisawa Y, Iguchi S, Yamazaki T, Maeda H, Tanaka R, Nemoto T, Suematsu H, Miki T, Saito K, Shimizu T.
J Magn Reson, 256, 30-33 (2015).

Reduction of Screening Current-Induced Magnetic Field of REBCO Coils by the Use of Multi-Filamentary Tapes

Y. Yanagisawa*, Y. Xu, X. Jin, H. Nakagome, and H. Maeda,
IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity, 25(3), 1-5 (2014).

Operation of a 400 MHz NMR magnet using a (RE:Rare Earth)Ba2Cu3O7-x high-temperature superconducting coil: Towards an ultra-compact super-high field NMR spectrometer operated beyond 1 GHz.

Yanagisawa Y, Piao R, Iguchi S, Nakagome H, Takao T, Kominato K, Hamada M, Matsumoto S, Suematsu H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Yamazaki T, Maeda H.
J Magn Reson, 249, 38–48 (2014).

Basic mechanism of self-healing from thermal runaway for uninsulated REBCO pancake coils.

Yanagisawa Y, Sato K, Yanagisawa K, Nakagome H, Jin X, Takahashi M, Maeda H.
Physica C Supercond, 499, 40–44 (2014).

Member  *concurrent

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CLST was reorganized into three centers according to the RIKEN 4th Medium-Term Plan from April 1, 2018. For the latest information of our activity, please visit the following websites.

> The webpage of RIKEN Baton Zone Program(RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center) [http://www.riken.jp/en/research/labs/bzp/]

> The webpage of RIKEN SPring-8 Center(Dr. Yanagisawa belong to as team leader) [http://www.riken.jp/en/research/labs/bzp/]